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WS London Management Ltd - The Team

Walter Soriano is the Founder and Director and works from the company’s office in central London.  He is a British businessman whose principal business, USG Security Ltd, is a consultancy company providing litigation support and crisis management services to client and their professional advisors. Walter Soriano is supported by a long-standing team of property managers, advisors, designers and builders.  These include:

Shlomo Rechstaffen – the company’s legal advisor, handling the purchase, sale and rental of properties, as well as a providing a wide range of legal advice

Doron Cohen – the director of operations and administers the company day to day processes

Andrew Scher – Accountant and CFO in charge of payments and financial matters 

Daniel Starr – the Senior Property Manager. He manages all types of properties and brings to the team a detailed understanding of the London property market

Eliyahu Soriano – Lettings and management consultant

Israel Soriano – Lettings and management consultant